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How To Convince An Alcoholic To Undergo The Recovery Process?

Substance abuse problem is one of those problems that make you helpless while you are watching your loved one destroying his/her life. Alcohol is among the worst drugs that humanity invented, and the abuse of this substance requires on-time-arrest for a successful treatment and recovery process.

More than 70% of people who are fighting the addiction are not able to fight on their own. Professional help – various facilities and hospitals – is a must to get them out of the addiction. These people are confused so they cannot find the right way to a sober life.

What can you do as a helper?

The first thing is to educate yourself on the addiction, in this case on alcoholism. Try to get to the local groups and meetings, so you have a perception what are the common problems and steps to take in the treatment process. It is very important for the next step.

Try to hold a meeting where all of the family members, friends and coworkers would attend to show the addict they are there to offer any help and support. Explain, in front of others, to the addict that his addiction influences negatively lives around him. This is really strong motivation, and when you present the addict his actions, the addict will look at his addiction differently. He may not accept the treatment at this moment, but it is important to instigate his motivation and fight for a sober life.

Show a great love and support to the addict so he can understand that his excessive drinking hurts everyone around him. Your words must be full of love and understanding. Otherwise, you can create a counter effect.

What do you not need to do?

Do not nag and beg in any case! It only makes things worse. They have broken promises probably many times, so they have no reason to listen to you at all. Also, do not blame the addict but rather the substance he is abusing.

Do not fail to plan your meeting, and treating process! Prepare and organize everything meticulously, so there is no space for eluding or escaping the problem. The addict must get to the point that he is aware of the problem, that he has no place to hide and he is willing to cooperate to become sober again.