Through the years of my fight against alcohol, I learned one thing - there is nothing stronger than your mind. My name is Henry Clarkson, and I launched this website to give you the full support in your fight against the liquor.

I was never one of those people who was drinking excessively - I would have rather drank a drink or two at really special occasions. I was like that until something bad happened to me, leaving me at the end with the bottle in my hand. Before I realized I had a problem, I was totally out of the reality. Not a single morning could go without two or three shots.

A friend of mine told me that I should visit a rehab center and I followed his suggestion. My fight took some time, but I won and got sober once forever. It was not easy I have to say, but it was worth it. Now, when I look at things soberly, I see that our mind is a really powerful tool which can be deceived by the false feeling of relief. The key is to identify and accept the fact that shows how bad alcohol is for you, your friends and the reality.